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  NIKO MOON - These Are The Days - Empire

Niko Moon’s latest tune is something that all of us need – a breath of fresh air, an excuse to chill, take a timeout from our busy everyday lives and enjoy the present.  “These Are The Days” is available now, both digitally and on all streaming platforms, via Empire Nashville.

Infectiously catchy, the song is clearly aimed to entice listeners to sing along and feel the music with their minds and their souls.  The mood follows suit with many of his releases in the past, a feel-good number with the rhythms and melodies we all need to hear to put your minds at ease.

“These Are The Days” is about enjoying the moment, being appreciative of where you are and what you have, as Niko adds his own twist of lyrical ingenuity and virtuosity. The mid-tempo tune is 100% Niko from start to finish, showcasing a mellow, laid-back approach while incorporating his trademark fun, sing-along lyrical delivery.

“Life’s too short, been living too fast, so we gon’ lay it back

Pontoon gone with the palm shirt on and we gon’ make it last

Like them August summer nights

Like Kentucky over ice

Singing “Fishin’ In The Dark” till the sun comes up”

This tune is an authentic representation of who he is as a songwriter and as a performer.  His care-free vibe is all over the vocal performance and musical definition of this track, which will imbed itself into the minds of its listeners for hours, days, and weeks to come.

With its positively infectious melody and happy-go-lucky demeanor, this tune oozes with summer vibes and will surely be another one of Niko’s fan favorites at live shows.

The release of “These Are The Days” comes as Niko is in the middle of his headlining tour of the same name.  The Texas native and current Nashville resident continues to bring his feel-good-party atmosphere to venues across the country, while mixing in appearances at some of the summer’s biggest festivals, heading coast to coast through November.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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