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  MORGAN WALLEN - Lies Lies Lies - Big Loud Records/Mercury/Republic

“Man Made A Bar,” “Thinkin’ Bout Me,” “Last Night,” “Thought You Should Know,” “You Proof,” and his record setting collaboration with Post Malone, “I Had Some Help,” are only the string of the most recent #1’s on the stacked resume of multi-Platinum superstar Morgan Wallen.

With his sold-out ‘One Night At A Time World Tour’ already in full swing, he now delivers the studio version of the fan favorite “Lies Lies Lies.”

Written by Jessie Jo Dillon, Josh Miller, Daniel Ross and Chris Tompkins, and originally recorded (and released) in an acoustic format as part of his Abbey Road Sessions, the vulnerableness of the song carries similar resemblance to “Whiskey Glasses” and “You Proof” in that all three are about trying to navigate vices in the heartbroken aftermath of a tough breakup.

However, where the others mentioned mainly rely on the vice of alcohol to mask the pain in a moment of hurt, though bourbon is mentioned here, “Lies Lies Lies” intriguingly leans more so on the vastness of him trying to convince his ex that he’s completely moved on and has gotten over her while ashamedly facing his own mirror of truth.

Wallen states through the opening verse that he won’t hate himself in the morning, that thoughts of her don’t occupy space in his head, and that it wasn’t anything for him to give her up, but as real life so often does, these complex lies catch up to him and the absolute truth slides out as he strikes the chorus:

“Lies, lies, lies

Look into my eyes, eyes, eyes

I'm still a fool for you

Nothin' I wouldn't do for you

Lies, lies, lies

Girl, I'm on a downhill dive

Habits and hard heartbreaks are hard to break

So I just tell the same old lies, liеs, lies

Yeah, baby, I can try, try, try”

As the progression into the second half of the song moves away from him lying to himself, he confessionally admits that he could try to act like he doesn’t care about her anymore while lamenting that that it wouldn’t be the truth, maturely encompassing the depth of his broken heart and his inability to move on from it.

Morgan Wallen is in his zone sonically, leading the redefinition of the sound in today’s modern era of country music. However, it’s his strong ability to connect heartstring emotions through a freshly current feel while boldly saying the words that the heartbroken long to say that are the core signatures to continually keeping him in tune with the listener.

With “Lies Lies Lies” providing a stellar moment during his shows and already resonating so deeply with his fans, this song clearly becomes a solid holdover until his next chapter of music begins, satisfying the yearning for more while firmly keeping his place at the top of the genre. 

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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