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                                                                      JOSH KINNEY

                                                                "Tangled Up" 

                                                                Birmingham Entertainment





Gardendale, AL native Josh Kinney has released his latest single, “Tangled Up”, available everywhere now via Birmingham Entertainment.

Kinney has made a name for himself as a promising young singer-songwriter, blending influences of modern country and contemporary pop to form a musical attitude all his own that appeals to fans of all genres and generations.

Infusing elements from the icon George Strait and modern stars Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean, Josh put himself on the national map after independently releasing his debut music, garnering the attention of Los Angeles-based record label Birmingham Entertainment.  It has been a whirlwind ever since, with multiple tunes being released to renowned acclaim, and “Tangled Up” promises to follow that trend.

Written by Kinney and produced by David Ray Stevens, the new tune is a self-proclaimed song about young love and the idea that all two lovers need in this world is each other. 

As Josh describes, “I hope ‘Tangled Up’ places listeners in a memory they may have forgotten about when they first fell in love”.

Musically, the song is a perfect representation of Kinney and his music as a songwriter, incorporating his blend of country and pop elements along a steady drum beat.  It’s a catchy, rhythmic melody but pays tribute to the significance of the lyrics.

Having previously released well-received singles “Never Wanna Leave”, “I Found”, “Barefoot Green Grass”, “Southland”, and “Ocean”, Josh Kinney has continued to prove himself and impressive the music community with his intuitive songwriting and well-produced vocal and musical performance.  As he continues to develop as a songwriter, singer, and performer, he is sure to continue to be recognized as one of the names to watch in the country music world going forward.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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