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Runnin’ Outta Time: The Immersive Live Experience

Thursday May 9, 2024

@ Cannery Hall in Nashville, TN

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

When Cannery Hall reopened as a music venue after a two-year absence, it instantly breathed life into the ever-changing landscape of Nashville, reestablishing itself to high prominence within the culture of the music scene as it merged the historic past of the building into the new look Music City.

Engulfed in a fully immersive experience, Big Loud Records recording artist Lily Rose hit the main stage in front of a packed house for a one night only event to usher in her brand-new EP, Runnin’ Outta Time, fusing a handful of the fan favorites that paved her path with the first captivating listen of her current era.

The venue darkened and the screens across the back of the stage sprang to life, counting down backwards from two-minutes as a bumping beat washed over the venue and the crowd reached a heightened excitement level when they screamed out in anticipated unison, “5-4-3-2-1.”

Lily’s story then sprawled the backing screens, detailing the 2-year journey of self-reflection that she found herself on that led to the creation of this new batch of music and the next chapter of her career which was now upon us.

Lifting the gratitude filled aura that anchored the entire night, the screens read in bold lettering “TONIGHT IS FOR THE FANS!” as the opening notes of “I Don’t Smoke” ignited an instant sing along as Lily hit the stage with a commanding swagger amongst a sea of cheers, fusing then into the bounce of “Know My Way Around” to expertly keep the party lit as the crowd showered her in harmonies throughout the chorus. 

“If you know anything about me, then you know I like to do things a little differently than everyone else,” Rose confidently confessed as she talked about the reasons she wanted to introduce a fully immersive experience for her release party. “The goal of this night is to make you feel like you’re in my head when I was writing these songs…and this is my new EP, Runnin’ Outta Time!”

With the screens behind her projecting clips of her accompanying visual pieces and a deep dive into the emotional shoebox of memories, through a lyrical trail of the life lessons learned and the morals and values kept tucked in your heart as you navigate life one step at a time, “The Goal” expertly set the soul-searching tone of the entire EP as Lily flowed a mature understanding of that while you’re not where you need to be, you’re certainly not where you used to be.

Reaching then into the depths of the inevitable down moments of life, the times you feel let down by everyone including God, the amazingly gripping vocal performance delivered during “Back Pew” weaved the depth of her voice around her inward search for hope and self-worth within a desperately sought, hallelujah-soaked transformation.

While the back-to-back performances of the two previously released tracks, “Parking Lot” and “True North,” naturally induced rousing sing along moments, the lyrical masterpieces also acted as conceptual centerpieces to the EP, holding tightly to the idea of rediscovering your purpose through a nostalgic turn back to your hometown roots.

Bookending the EP with a refreshing, redemptive feel, Rose came into a freeing smile as she held a firm understanding of who she is through the autobiographical, “Two Flowers,” before striking a pounding beat of rejuvenation on the title track, “Runnin’ Out of Time,” providing a strong rallying cry of encouragement to living right here right now, to the fullest, and not letting another moment pass you by.

“So that’s the new EP…AND it comes out in three hours!” Lily excitedly stamped as she let out a deep breath in a visual representation of just how much she truly lived the last 6 songs she played, the EP from top to bottom, offering a transparent snapshot through an ultra-honest look at her reflective journey.

“I think y’all know this next one,” Lily said with a knowing smile as the moodiness of her breakthrough hit “Villain” permeated the atmosphere while cell phones littered the air to capture the show-stopping moment, before travelling back to 2019 with “Better Than That” to close the show with a look at where it all began while adding bold emphasis to the exclamation point of that was then and this is now. 

Bridging the gap between the layers of determination that got her here with the excitement of what’s right now, Lily Rose put on a display of her incredible growth amid the uniqueness and raw honesty that’s naturally laced within her songwriting prowess and gifted vocal abilities.

Through a delicate balance of emotional tilts wavering her voice, combining with a highly addictive stage presence that enthusiastically pulled the crowd of her diehard fans into her diary note by passing note, Lily stamped the beginnings of her next chapter with a purely humble showing of heartfelt gratitude for her fans in what was essentially her hand-delivered, thank you note.


1) I Don’t Smoke

2) Know My Way Around

3) The Goal

4) Back Pew

5) Parking Lot

6) True North

7) Two Flowers

8) Runnin’ Outta Time

9) Villain

10) Better Than That



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