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While momentarily pausing to celebrate his incredible resume of #1 singles, Thomas Rhett’s “Mamaw’s House” endearingly satisfied his exuberant fanbase, holding them over with a vivid snapshot of his career milestones while keeping a foot firmly planted on the thoughts of what comes next.

With the release of his brand-new single “Beautiful As You,” what’s next has now arrived.

Inspired by him and his wife Lauren’s relationship, “Beautiful As You” toes the line of the awestricken feeling of landing a woman who is out of your league and the reassuring praises that he’s still giving to her today.

As the addictiveness of the pop laden flow of the melody carries the progression of the song’s danceable, up-tempo vibe, Rhett sets the swooning lyrics in motion when he immediately reassures her on the songs opening line, “Baby girl, you out your mind, you're way too good for me.” 

Running then back to the moment that they first met, he relives how everything fell into his favor simply because she chose him, reminding her that she could have just ignored him, that everything in his life was boring before she came into it, etc.

With heartfelt exhilaration he playfully reassures her of the fact that he clearly knows she’s entirely out of his league, striking the feel-good atmosphere of the chorus with a clap along groove as he quizzingly sings:

“What's someone as beautiful as you

Doin' ridin' 'round with someone like me?

I swear, girl, you could havе anyone you choose

I should stop askin' questions 'forе you get up and leave

What's someone as beautiful as you

Doin' wakin' up with someone like me?

Ain't gonna lie, you could have anyone you choose

I should stop askin' questions 'fore you get up and leave”

Expertly placed lines throughout the song provide a transparent glimpse into their here and now, still so in love with each other feeling as he lovingly impacts several “aww” moments, showering her with praise;  “Here I am, layin' next to you, lookin' extra cute in the mornin',” “When you're walkin' 'round in my sweater, girl, there's no better view,” etc.

Thomas Rhett delivers an ultra-catchy song just as the warmer weather months are falling upon us, giving us what might just be the smash hit of the summer. More importantly, though, he kicks open the door of his next chapter with a piece that stays with you long after its final notes are played, masterfully hyping the buzz on things still to come with his highly anticipated, seventh studio album (due out in August).

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis/Artwork c/o The Valory Music)



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