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  JAY ALLEN - Better Now - ONErpm

With each next song that he releases, Jay Allen continues adding intriguing definitions to the characteristic layers of his signature sound while showcasing his keen ability to consistently release music that holds deeper purpose and meaning.

Following his last two successful showings, “New Girl” and “No Present Like the Time,” Allen now returns with “Better Now.”

Written by Dustin Christensen and Josh Kelley, the song leans into a softness through its melody that’s prominently masked in comforting piano accompaniment as Allen’s natural humbleness grips the lyrics through the opening verse as he carries the realities of knowing the demons that have haunted his past by name, admitting from his now perspective that he was losing his back then battles with them.

However, holding tightly to the idea of being okay with moving forward one small step at a time, the vocal strike of the chorus perfectly matches the lift of the instrumentation and shifts the entire dynamic as he comes into an arms raised, eyes closed redemptive style, singing praises with a gratitude and grace-filled heart toward the one who unconditionally stood by his side and helped guide him through his darker moments:

“All the things I couldn’t see coming

All of the fears that kept me running

All of the nightmares and the let downs

Thank God you let the sun in

I still got my mistakes

A few walls still left to break

I ain’t there yet, but it’s better now

It’s better now”

“When it all went wrong you were always there, you knew the real me, God knew the answer,” Allen poignantly magnifies in the second verse, coming into a prayer-like essence that places his wide opened eyes on the one who truly saves.

By masterfully lacing his vocal edges with a raw honesty that radiates your speakers, this becomes a much-needed song that can transform hearts, encouraging you to be okay right where you’re at through the bold reminder that He will meet us wherever we are on our path.

Beyond the music, Jay Allen has always found incredible comfort in using his gift as a bigger part of the healing process. “Better Now” intentionally releases just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month, with Jay stating about that decision:

“I wanted to release ‘Better Now’ in May during Mental Health Awareness month because we’re all going through something, and sometimes we just need a little hope. My prayer is that this song can be that for someone.”

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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