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  CHARLY REYNOLDS - People Think - Independent Release

Country starlet Charly Reynolds began to reveal the pieces of her next chapter as she opened the new year with highly regarded singles “Love You Long” and “Somebody In Love,” each showcasing  different aspects of falling in love and dealing with the shifts of life that naturally come with those fluttering feelings.

She now continues writing the pages of her next chapter with her newest single, “People Think.”

The song, written by Reynolds, Chris Utley, Nicole Croteau and Averie Beilski, swerves the commonality of the ideas we’ve heard from her on those previous efforts, turning up the sass as she drives a 90’s country infused tempo through a boot heel clicking, hip popping rhythm that immediately has you tapping along.  

In what is a spotlighting performance of her vocal ability, you can literally feel the slyness in the smirk on her face as she sings through each of the verses with an audible eye roll. Pinpointing the judging nature of people and their unwelcomed opinions, she laments how they’re always going to talk no matter what you do as she shrugs her shoulders when cheerfully exclaiming, “I guess you just can’t please ‘em all.”

As she lifts into the anthem styled chorus, you, the listener, can’t help but approvingly pump your fist through the air as she fully embraces the ideas of knowing exactly who you are and not giving a second thought to those who tell you who you ought to be:

“So let ‘em think I’m crazy

Raising hell on Saturday

I can be a lady

Sippin’ on some champagne all night

I’ll make those heads turn, eyes roll

Dressed to the nine’s

I guess that it’s a real good thing

That I don’t care what people

I don’t care what people think”’

With one final kiss off during the bridge, “I ain’t stressing that I’m on their mind, cause they damn sure ain’t on mine,”  Reynolds empowers an unapologetic individuality through an embedded assuredness that naturally exudes encouraging confidence.

Furthermore, she showcases another layer to her extremely gifted arsenal, hitting the summertime months with a good time Friday night feel while intriguingly pulling you in to wanting more of what’s still to come from one of country music’s hottest rising talents.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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