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  MACKENZIE CARPENTER - Sound of a Heartbreak - The Valory Music Co.

With “Huntin’ Season,” “Don’t Mess With Exes,” and the Cyndi Lauper inspired “Country Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun),” country starlet Mackenzie Carpenter showcased her fun-loving personality, hints of sarcasm, and her ability to craft a very memorable hook that stays with you long after the final note.

However, underneath that part of her catalog she also wore traces of vulnerability that encompassed deeply seated depths and an emotional movement within the expertly grafted tones of her vocal prowess on songs such as “Can’t Nobody” and the very powerful, “Jesus, I’m Jealous.”

Moving into her anticipated next chapter with the brand-new single, “Sound Of A Heartbreak,” Carpenter now adds a newly brandished sound to her arsenal, carrying a hard rock infused edge amid the inner spiral of trying to survive a heartbreak that won’t let up its grip.

Written by Carpenter, Brandon Hood, and Liz Rose, a refreshing drip of nostalgic flared guitar through the intro adds instant fuel to the flame as Carpenter floats the anguish of her vocal through the opening verse, retracing the moment that her heart shattered when he unexpectedly made his nighttime getaway goodbye.

Intriguingly lamenting that heartbreak holds the same weight as hearing a sad song, The saddest song I can't forget and now it's stuck in my head,” she drives to the chorus replaying that leaving scene on repeat as she lifts into an angsty rock edge that allows the instrumentation to flow the punch of her voice so that they both fuse the frustration cohesively into one blending tone:

“That's the sound of a heartbreak, hits you like a hard rain

Screamin' like a freight train comin' down the tracks

Quiet as a teardrop fallin' 'cause he still ain't callin'

So, you pour more whiskey in your glass

I can't turn it down, it's so quiet that it's loud

That's the sound of a heartbreak”

Whereas the first half of the song paints the heartbreaking scene, the second injects fullness to the overall feelings that naturally swirl the aftermath of trying to let go while your memories continually pull you back through the painful fractures and hurtful cracks of your heart, battling internal emotions of feeling shattered, like nothing mattered, and that you’ll never be the same again.

By putting focus on the entire gamut of emotions that come with such a universal topic as heartbreak, Carpenter swerves the predictable that these types of songs usually walk, hitting the realities of the torturous overthinking that constantly replays in your mind as you drive yourself crazy; a relatable truth that makes this song radiate through the speakers and connect broken heartstrings with the listener. 

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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