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Single Review: Sandra North - "My Song"



                                                                      SANDRA NORTH

                                                               "My Song" 

                                                               Independent Release





International country music singer/songwriters make their mark on the states every year. However, the formula for what makes an international artist click stateside with an entirely new audience is where things get a little tricky.

Sandra North, a Los Angeles based country singer/songwriter who originally calls Sweden home, has developed a sound that has caught the attention of critics and music lovers alike, but she also has the wherewithal about her to know that just having an enticing sound isn’t enough.

“My Song,” the current release from her latest EP Long Time Coming, takes her enticing sound and wraps it into a song that plays out like an autobiography to introduce us to her while also allowing us to get to know the person behind the artist.

Teetering on the edge of a modern country vibe that fuses pop based elements with great country feels and crisp storytelling, the hot opening very quickly introduces us to her as she sings of being daddy’s good girl, growing up sheltered in a small-town, and always dreaming of something bigger. 

The second verse, though, moves us away from her pursuit of her music dreams and opens an entirely different chapter of who she is as she reminisces back to her carefree and innocent days when she’d toe the line of exploring the wild side, singing of “Catching crawfish by the river, skinny dipping in the sea.”

The pre-chorus and chorus, which sandwiches perfectly between these verses, provides phrasing that lets you as the listener know that she’s faced some of the inevitable no’s in the music industry when she says “You think I’m not strong enough, but you’ll see,” before utilizing the chorus to provide an explosive shot of encouragement to the dreamers when she sings of continuing to sing her song, reaching for the sky, and spreading her wings until she can fly.

There are several ingredients that help to make this song stand out. There’s a catchy chorus, a moment that comes late in the song that provides a sway with your arms raised in the air type of feel that is perfectly suited for a live performance, and the overall vibe of the song fits within today’s country’s realm without ever being boxed completely in. Most importantly, however, is the way that “My Song” makes you feel connected to Sandra North and her story.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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