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  JADE EAGLESON - Pure Country - Starseed Records

Ontario, Canada country artist Jade Eagleson has released his latest single, which will come much to the delight of his ever-growing following, as well as traditional country fans in general.  “Pure Country” is available digitally and on all streaming platforms now via Starseed Records.

Written by Jade along with longtime friend Daryl Scott, “Pure Country” is a celebration of the women who both grew up with and were surrounded by in the rural lifestyle.  A song that seemingly wrote itself, this is an anthem and an ode to the hard-working women of the traditional country life, which hits close to home for Jade who is looking ahead to the next stage of his life and career while never forgetting who he is and where he came from.

“While this release starts the next chapter for me, I wanted it to stay true to my classic country roots and I think we’ve done that,” Eagelson said.  “Us cowboys would be nothing without the support of our incredible country women and this song highlights everything we love about them.  I hope it becomes an anthem for everyone who recognizes them in the lyrics.”

Having grown up listening to traditional country music, Jade is undoubtedly paying homage to the elements that attracted him to genre and his love of making this music.  His vocal delivery easily lends itself to the traditional beats and melodies of the 90’s style, collectively presenting a song that is sure to do well on the radio and also be respected by fans, fellow artists, and industry professionals.

“She ain’t Gucci or Prada, or Louis Vuitton, no

She’s boots and jeans, and rolled-up sleeves

Ain’t afraid of getting’ dirty or of punching in early

And when she gets flirty, oh Lord, have mercy on me

She ain’t the watered-down version of nothin’, she’s as real as real can be

Yeah, she’s pure country”

Fans of old-school country will instantly fall in love with this song, with its rebelliously fun-loving twang and honest, down-to-earth persona.  Referencing the likes of Shania Twain and George Strait, “Pure Country” finds its home right in the traditional country fan that lives in all of us.

Known for his smash hits “Got Your Name On It”, “Count The Ways”, “She Don’t Know”, and “Close”, Eagleson quickly moved his status from an artist on the rise to one that has arrived, applauded for his musical honesty and his approach to his own brand of neo-traditional country music.  Now, as he embarks on a self-proclaimed new chapter, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter is poised to take his career to even high levels.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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