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  HARPER GRACE - Break It Like A Man - Curb Records

Harper Grace formally introduced herself to the mainstream music world during her appearance on season 18 of American Idol, and since then, the talented singer-songwriter has consistently grown, matured, and developed herself into one of the genre’s brightest young starts on the incoming circuit.

Her latest release, the rebelliously-confronting “Break It Like A Man”, is available both digitally and on all streaming platforms now via Curb Records.

This is a stark contrast to the last offering from Harper, who released her version of “O Holy Night” last year.  “Break It Like A Man” is an aggressively poignant message to someone with whom she is ending the road.  They are both ready to move on, but for whatever reason, he won’t take that step and end things. 

The in-your-face approach to this song is what puts it on another level and will surely standout to Grace’s fans young and old.  Despite the undeniable heartbreak she is feeling through the song, Harper exudes confidence and charisma as she challenges men to have the courage to speak their minds even when it’s difficult.  Musically, this song is bold and lyrically, it’s maturely sophisticated but will be fun for us all to sing along to from start to finish.

“It has some edge and some horns into it so just kind of changing up the production and making a new little statement so it will be fun,” Harper said.

Written by Grace along with Alex Kline and Scott Stepakoff, “Break It Like A Man” is an unapologetic gritty anthem that everyone should fall in love with after the first listen.

“But I ain’t your mama, baby

I ain’t your saving grace

If you’re trying to tell me something

Better tell me to my face

Go on and wreck it, honey

Make sure I understand

Quit lying that you love me

Why you’re letting go of my hand

Don’t just sneak away in the dark

Boy, if you’re gonna break my heart

Break it like a man”

In addition to “O Holy Night”, Break It Like A Man” also follows “Down In My Hometown” and “Sparkle” as previous singles released in 2023.  The Nashville-based singer-songwriter has accumulated a notable collection of well-written, impeccably-delivered modern country tunes, and she may have just released her most impressive one yet.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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