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                                                                    TAYLOR BORTON

                                                              "Glove Box Lighter" 

                                                              Independent Release





With her previously released singles “Native,” “Broken Wing,” “Give A Damn,” “If I Were London,” and “When the Shine’s All Gone,” Taylor Borton has consistently shown her keen abilities as a songwriter as she’s continuously challenged herself to deeper define her folk based/country infused style while putting her unique signature stamp on each release.

She now returns with what might be her most ambitious single to date, “Glove Box Lighter.”

While the acoustic guitar strum layered over the whine of the prominent pedal steel allows her to stay in her normal range as she bends the tilt of the song toward a traditional, more Americana feel, you’ll also immediately notice that she’s stretching ever so slightly out of that comfortable place to test the waters with bringing in a modern fusion as she fits the song snuggly next to what’s happening at today’s mainstream country radio.  

Lyrically, Borton takes us through a back and forth, tangled up in the sheets type of steamy flirtatious lusting that for each of the parties involved contains no heartfelt feelings other than the two of them having a history of emotionally using each other and turning it physical when necessary to satisfy an itch.

Fully admitting that they both know they aren’t ready to settle down to a heart level, she sings very well-crafted lines such as “your second-hand smoke is what I’ve come to know,” alluding to how accepting she is with her place in the mutual, though slightly toxic relationship.

Taylor also confesses in the second verse that they absolutely know they’ve put their emotions in very dangerous territory (“walking a wire”) but that danger zone almost seems to be exactly what captivates her most as she still sings of wanting him to hold her.

The chorus then very intriguingly gives us a steamier side that’s unlike anything we’ve gotten from her in the past as she sings over a very catchy, hooky melody:

So let’s get a little bit higher

And set this bed on fire

And not think about what we’re doing here

It don’t have to come to an end

If we don’t give it a beginning

If you need a pick me up driver

I’ll be your glove box lighter.”

Taylor Borton moves way ahead on her career path with “Glove Box Lighter” by bringing in enough modern touches to advance her style forward, but it’s her crafty way of utilizing her voice that truly elevates this song as she hits on every proper feeling that’s wrapped into each word, underlined by an air of desperation that perfectly suits the overall lyric.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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