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                                                                    RUSTY VANSICKLE

                                                              "Steppin' Stone" 

                                                              CCB Nashville





CCB Nashville has been doing an incredible job of breaking their artists all year – RT Johnson, Megan Mullins Owen, Jamey D, and Cash Creek – introducing them to new fans and avid listeners through song releases each week as part of their #newmusicfriday initiative.

But on the month’s where there’s a fifth Friday, we get an additional treat from the label when they give us a brand-new song from Rusty VanSickle.

Recognized by many as the touring guitarist for John Michael Montgomery, the sideman has really utilized his couple of release so far this year to absolutely captivate us as he’s shown that he’s not only front man material, but an incredible songwriter to boot.

Following earlier releases “Forever Next To You” and “When It Comes To You,” an incredible duet with labelmate Megan Mullins Owen, Rusty now delivers what is arguably his strongest song yet with “Steppin’ Stone.”

Straight and to the point, this is a much needed, very necessary lyric that’s all about an unconditional willingness to be the encouraging person that someone needs when their life turns a little bit sideways.

Over a softer touched, piano laced melody that plucks attributes of late 90s/early 2000s era country and brings them into today’s modern era, VanSickle provides a shining light when he sings of keeping hold of faith and hope even when the inevitable streams start to rise, before he reaches out his hand to provide the why behind the reasoning that they can stay strong as we hit the chorus and he sings:

I’ll be your steppin stone

Get you where you need to go

Nobody but Jesus walks on water alone

So go on, go on, go on

I’ll be your steppin stone, steppin stone, steppin stone

I’ll be your steppin stone, steppin stone.”

Upon the initial listen you begin to think that this is about being there for a friend or a potential better half, but the bridge completely shifts that thinking to quite incredibly being more of a letter from a father to child as he sings of knowing there’ll come time when they won’t need him anymore.

It’s that intriguing movement of the lyrics, which pulls masterfully from the classic country style of storytelling, that completely elevates this song and has us anxiously counting down until December so we can get another fifth Friday in the month, and one more release from Rusty VanSickle this year.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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