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                                                                    JAMESON RODGERS

                                                              "Things That Matter" 

                                                              Columbia Records Nashville





Having already established himself as a chart-topping hit maker with his #1 smashes “Some Girls” and “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” Jameson Rodgers has continued to forge his path as one of country music’s most reliable new male acts with several appearances on the famed Grand Ole Opry stage, high profile slots on major tours, a well-received debut album with Bet You’re From A Small Town, and solid releases from it including “Bars Back Home” and his last official single, “One Day.”

Due to popular demand from his fans that came rolling in after he shared a few clips on social media, Rodgers now gives them a brand-new song with “Things That Matter.”

Using the opening verse to paint the perfect picture of how his attitude used to be, Rodgers sings us through a listing of the many different small things that would drive him a little bit mad including how it would tear him up if his team lost the game, politics, the price of gas, the things he wanted but didn’t have, etc. 

However, as is revealed when the chorus hits, all of this is designed to lead us into who he’s become today, how far he’s come in his mindset since then, and how growing up has found him discovering what truly does matter the most in life:

“Waking up with the woman I love

Talking to the man above

Sipping coffee from my favorite cup

Slowing down in the country

Going huntin’ with my old man

Hugging mama while I still can

I think I finally understand

Life ain’t about money

I’m gonna spend a little more time chasing after

Things that matter…Things that matter”

What I absolutely love about where country music is headed right now, is that if you travel back just about a decade, you’ll find several songs about the older generation passing down their wisdom onto generation next. But when you dig into what’s being released currently, we’re finding a lot of songs are coming out from generation next that are now seeing them fully understanding all those lessons that were taught to them when they were younger.

“Things That Matter” is absolutely one of those songs, but perhaps even more importantly, it also acts as a very necessary bold reminder that we need to slow things down, scale life back, and refocus our efforts on what matters most.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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