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Single Review: Adam Warner - "Lost in a Country Song"



                                                                      ADAM WARNER

                                                                "Lost in a Country Song" 

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With his new album What We’re Known For due out later this year (December 2022), singer-songwriter and U.S. Marine veteran Adam Warner has been offering glimpses of it to his fans through songs such as “Reason to Redneck” and “Catchin’ Hell,” both which showcased his modern country songwriting abilities through catchy melodies and memorable lyrics, but absolutely still held true to his southern outlaw influences.

He now returns with another look at the album through his new single “Lost in a Country Song.”

The sway along tempo built into the melody immediately attracts your attention while it wraps perfectly into Warner’s decisively southern tilted twang as he guides us through a rather steamy lyric about getting lost out in the country with the one you love – Adam’s wife in his case – and making your own kind of country song together.

Setting the playful tone, Warner confesses through the opening verse that getting stuck all alone with her was part of his master plan as he sings of taking a left when he should have made a right and not putting enough gas in the tank to actually make the drive that he took them on just so that the truck would stall in the middle of nowhere.

Using perfect descriptions that vividly tell you exactly how she looks in the second verse, he makes a bro-country reference to her looking like a girl from a Nashville country song as she spins barefoot in the headlights; very reminiscent to how Maddie & Tae did on their breakout smash, “Girl in A Country Song.”

Of course, all of this leads you straight to cleverly crafted lyrics in the chorus (and the second verse) that never quite reveal what it is that they are doing, but certainly allude to it and tease of their “special” time together as he mentions being in rhythm with the crickets and fogging up the windows as they get lost in their own kind of country song.

Adam Warner has a certain knack to his songwriting and continuously delivers his songs in such a way that while they lean on a lot of the familiar cliches that we’ve heard over the past decade or so, he crafts everything in such a way that it feels fresh, like you’ve never heard it before.

Couple that ability with a radio friendly vibe that rivals the modern era, but also never sees Warner completely neglecting his outlaw country roots, and you get a singer-songwriter delivering music that is 100% unapologetically truthful to who he is while expertly giving you a full look at what his new album will be bringing to the table.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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