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                                                                      JENNIFER HART


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Jennifer Hart is a gifted storyteller and a brilliant songwriter.  Her ability to bring the listener into her mind, into her heart, into her life through words and a few strums of the guitar undeniably puts her on a short list of the more promising singer-songwriters in country music today.

The RECORDS Nashville recording artist released her new single, “18”, on August 5th.  Co-written by Hart along with Paul DiGiovanni (Dan + Shay) and Derrick Southerland (Carrie Underwood), the song is the first release off an upcoming new project.

 In “18”, The Gilbert, Arizona native opens her heart to the yearning she felt as a young girl and her perfect idea of a relationship.  She lyrically encapsulates the balance between her heart’s desires and her faith in what is meant to be.  It’s an utterly relatable topic, as we all want what we want when we want it, and anything outside of that is often deemed unacceptable. 

I know that’s not how our story goes

But if it were up to me

I probably woulda met you at 18

It’s a message to her future love, so eloquently illustrated through her words and the perfectly constructed musical accompaniment, drawing out the feelings and emotions of the listener.  Not only is this tune thought provoking and emotionally extracting, but as it builds momentum throughout the second verse and choruses, its catchy, upbeat nature draws a sing-along aspect as well.

Jennifer is making a name for herself as a heart-on-her-sleeve songwriter, opening her mind and emotions up for the masses to see / hear.  Her gifts as a songwriter and her vocal ability to exonerate the passion behind their meaning present her as a force to be reckoned with on the pop-country music scene now and for years to come.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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