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Single Review: Rachel Wammack - "Like Me"



                                                                      RACHEL WAMMACK

                                                                "Like Me" 

                                                                RCA Records Nashville





It’s been since she released a cover of “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman, and her pop country flavored single “What He Does” in 2020, that we’ve last heard from singer/songwriter Rachel Wammack.

Both those songs, however, expertly allowed the Muscle Shoals, AL native to flex her vocals as they soared through the lyrics to wrap their signature power around the listener and hold them into each word she sung.

Like many people during the pandemic when everything was shut down, social media became a crutch to stay connected for Wammack. But as it so often does, it eventually presented a strong burden on her that instilled insurmountable pressures and made her begin to question herself and her outward image. This resulted in the very mature decision to take a break from social media, but it’s because of that break that she rediscovered exactly who she is and needs to be.

The result of that discovery is her new single “Like Me.”

Co-written by Wammack, Kelly Archer and Tawgs Salter, the song leans on its subtle, softer pacing to set the lost-like tone of the autobiographical lyrics as Wammack transparently takes us through the gamut of emotions that come with trying to fit in and uphold a perfect image.

As far as they know, I’m having fun at the party,” confesses Wammack as the song opens while hiding the fact that she’s really just faking all of it. 

She further describes her outward behaviors through each of the two verses as she first sings of putting on smile and pretending to get along with everybody at the party, before shifting to the addictive behaviors of social media where she boldly shares that she’ll only post pictures if she looks good in them to uphold the perfection image that is constantly portrayed on these outlets.

However, the poignant steps to overcoming these behaviors arrive when she faces a very hard, though truthful mirror to admit to herself that this way isn’t working, as she asks in the chorus:

What’s the worst that could happen if I don’t fit in

If I could stay me every room that I walk in

Instead of changing my colors

Like I’m a chameleon

Trying to be somebody else so they’ll like me

When she ain’t anything like me.”

Though there’s no big solution offered to fix the problem, this song is much deeper than finding the final answers to that question that she asks at the start of the chorus. Rather, it connects to the majority of the young 20-something demographic and lets them know that they aren’t alone in their struggles, while also providing the first step to eventually reaching a solution in that it starts by first being honest with yourself!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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