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Single Review: Chris Colston - "Boy Like Me"



                                                                      CHRIS COLSTON

                                                                "Boy Like Me"

                                                                Independent Release





There are few moments more unforgettable than the birth of a child.  And while seeing that new face for the first time is truly magical, the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of that day predicate themselves in the months prior. 

“Boy Like Me”, self-released by singer-songwriter Chris Colston, is an inspired track about the birth of his daughter, Emersyn.  Colston and his wife, Peyton, welcomed their daughter this past May, and the emotions drawn from the experiences leading up that day inspired him to write his self-proclaimed most gratifying song of his career.

Written by Chris along with Kenton Bryant and Jordan Walker, the song tells the story of how he met his wife and their lives together leading up to the birth of their daughter.  It’s a story and a tribute to life and love, a vulnerable and honest portrayal of just how important family is to each of us.

“I hope you look like your mama, sing like her too

Want to hunt with your daddy in your little pink boots

Hope you know that we love, you can always come home

You’ve changed me more than you’ll ever know”

The down-to-earth, stripped down honesty of the lyrics showcases the relatability that we all love about country music.  Telling the story of meeting his wife, falling in love, and realizing a baby is on the way, all told in a handful of lines, shines a light the impeccable storytelling ability of this rising singer-songwriter.  His vocal delivery sets the perfect mood of the tune, speaking straight from his heart to ours about one of the more personal and emotional experiences any of us can witness.

“Boy Like Me” is the title track to Chris’s nine-track album, produced by Brandon Hood (Mackenzie Carpenter, Drake Milligan, Temecula Road).  With the official music video for the song premiering exclusively on PEOPLE Country, the masses are sure to be introduced to the undeniable talent of Chris Colston.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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