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Single Review: Mason Horne ft. Taylor Austin Dye - "Tonight I Need You"



                                                                 MASON HORNE

                                                                 FT. TAYLOR AUSTIN DYE

                                                           "Tonight I Need You"

                                                           LMG Records/Hollow Point Music Group




Relationships are tough.  Mistakes are made, and moments are regretted.  And while some thoughts, statements and actions are irrefutable and/or unforgiveable, others can be reconciled and amended.  “Tonight I Need You”, the new single from singer-songwriter Mason Horne featuring Taylor Austin Dye, tells the tale of realizing fault in a relationship and feeling the desperate urgency to fix it immediately.

Written by Horne along with Natalie Maloepsy and Jamie Collazo, this emotionally vulnerable tune finds the singer with his heart on his sleeve, openly confessing his pain, regret, and willingness to make things right before it’s too late.

“Let’s forget about everything that we can’t take back

Love a little harder and try to make it last

Let the lights head light

Let the lights head light

Tomorrow we’ll start new

But tonight girl I need you”

Horne’s vocals are on point, with his raw delivery and emotional energy, complimented seemingly effortlessly by Dye’s subtly smooth notes.

At just 20 years of age, the Jefferson, SC native is musically mature well beyond his years.  And while his youth may lend itself to modern country tendencies, his timeless voice and traditional roots offer a unique blend of the here and now of the genre.

Taylor is making a name for herself in Music City as well, climbing the ranks on the up-and-coming country circuit among songwriters and industry reps.  The Eastern Kentucky native offers a rowdy approach to the more relatable topics presented in the genre’s releases, but with her only twist of sass, toughness, and honesty.

“Tonight I Need You” is a must-listen for fans of country music, modern and traditional, and who are longing for new faces and new voices.  Both Mason and Taylor make names for themselves with this tune, making a sure-to-be underground success.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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