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Single Review: Jordan Rowe - "5:00 In The Country"



                                                                      JORDAN ROWE

                                                                "5:00 In The Country"

                                                                River House Artists





Writing hit songs and enlisting some of the most respected songwriters and performers in the industry have become a way of life for Adel, GA native Jordan Rowe.  That trend continues with his latest single, “5:00 In The Country”, released July 29 to all streaming platforms.

With a musical style and charisma all his own, Rowe has garnered the attention if industry reps, media, and fans alike with his previous releases, including “Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy” and “I Didn’t Sleep Last Night”.  This well-deserved recognition has also garnered some collaborations with another rising star (“Mama Ain’t Jesus” with Lainey Wilson) as well as a pair of country music legends (“10-4” with Tracy Lawrence and Eddie Montgomery).

Now, with new music for the first time in a year, Jordan is back with a song about celebrating a hard-worked week by letting loose and enjoying the weekend.  When the clock strikes 5:00pm on a Friday, it’s time to have some fun. 

“Get up, everybody from the hill to the holler

Fill up your gas tank and a cooler full of swallers

Pull up to the party with your clean truck muddy

Stop, pop a top, it’s five o’clock in the country”

Rowe joins a select few of his country music counterparts who has effectively intertwined his traditional country roots and modern production to create and consistently maintain his own brand of music.  This isn’t just a party song; it’s a “roll call” for those who live the traditional country way of life, the “work hard, play harder” mentality that has instilled itself in the hearts and minds of rural communities for generations.

Written by Jordan along with Driver Williams and Hunter Phelps, “5:00 in the Country” isn’t a gimmick; it is a perspective on a way of life that is representative of a huge demographic of people.  Accompanied by a gospel choir lying down background vocals, Rowe’s twangy yet modern vocal delivery offers a playful yet unapologetic vibe to the sing-along anthem.

Released via River House Artists, Rowe’s new tune promises to be the first of many going forward for the GA native.  After a quiet 2022 thus far, the fast-rising singer-songwriter will be finding his way on airwaves and playlists from now through the end of the year and beyond.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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