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Single Review: Mitchell Tenpenny - "Always Something With You"



                                                                      MITCHELL TENPENNY

                                                                "Always Something With You"

                                                                Riser House/Columbia





Are there any other acts in country music who are as hot as Mitchell Tenpenny right now?

As “Truth About You” and Chris Young’s “At the End of a Bar” (which Tenpenny guests on) continue to blow up the charts, “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades” and “Mama Raised the Hell Out of Me,” both from his last release The Low Light Sessions, continue to make a strong impact at SiriusXM’s The Highway.

Couple those successes with the announcement that his new album This Is The Heavy will release on September 16, 2022, and in true strike while the iron’s hot fashion, Tenpenny is now teasing his new album with the release of “Always Something With You.”

The song, written by Tenpenny with Ashley Gorley, Matt Rogers, and Jordan Schmidt, gives us a love song that will absolutely hit strong with the male demographic who are falling more and more for their girl because every little thing she does, while expertly staying attractive to the female demographic with plenty of “aww” moments that will make them hug their better half over and over again.

The upbeat toe-tapper runs us through a list of all the different places and specific moments where/when she’s driving him crazy in all the best possible ways as she grabs his 100% undivided attention: a kiss at a red light, a dance at the bar, when they’re pillow talking, or when they’re just chatting on the phone. (AKA everywhere and anytime)

Tenpenny continues delving into the idea that there’s always something about her that can capture his attention, when he admittedly shares of how he loves that she’s got him wrapped around her finger in the chorus:

“You’re gonna drive me crazy

With the heaven you put me through

Baby, I love the way you push my buttons

Night and day, it’s always something with you” 

There are some really solid visuals in the descriptive lyrics that describe her more physical side as well, such as when he sings in the bridge of her angel eyes, sexy smile, and hidden tattoo.

Though this song doesn’t necessarily break the mold and present something totally new to modern country music, that doesn’t diminish the fact that this ultra-catchy groove is one that you’ll be listening to on repeat and bopping along with in the car as it sets in motion the buzz for his new album release just around the corner.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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