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                                                                    RACHEL MCINTRYE SMITH

                                                              "Miss Highfalutin" 

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When it comes to describing Rachel McIntyre Smith, the two words that immediately come to mind when listening to her music are “old soul.” A perfectly 1960s pop inspired feel shines through on her earlier releases such as “Baggage” and “Blue Hawaii,” but you also got a look at her amazingly clever lyrics and ability to use her voice in all the right ways to deliver the overall vibe.

The Oliver Springs, Tennessee native is now getting ready to release her brand-new EP Glory Daze and is giving us our second taste of it with “Miss Highfalutin.”

She first offered the title track of the EP last month, and with its acapella opening and how the softer music came in and then combined with prominent mandolin and steel guitar in the instrumentation, Smith offered a bit more of a classic country feel as her vocals brought us through memories of days gone by and the lessons learned through the coming-of-age moments.

With “Miss Highfalutin,” while Smith does stay bent on her classic country tilted side, she turns the tempo way up and hits us with those clever, tongue and cheek lyrics that we’ve come to know from her as she sings us through a glad to see you go, don’t let the door hit ya lyric.

Describing the woman (Miss Highfalutin) who no one will miss throughout the verses as being the type with her nose turned up, standing high on a pedestal as she spreads her BS around town, you could literally feel the smirk on Smith’s face once you hit the toe tapping, head nodding chorus where she sings:

So goodbye Miss Highfalutin

Your bad vibes are polluting’ this air I’m trying to breath

So don’t bother coming home, you’ve already made your bed

And this tiny town is too small for your big head.”

Using the bridge to turn up her bless her heart styled Southern charm, in the middle of her obvious disdain for the woman, Smith does sarcastically offer that she really does hope she finds whatever it is she’s looking for and reaches the destination of her “happy place,” but then sneakily chides in with the stark honesty, “I hope that’s far away from my face.”

With her throwback sound, Rachel McIntyre Smith is always such an intriguing listen due to her music not  being able to really be decisively placed in a box. She continues to give us that with “Miss Highfalutin,” but also offers us a look at her tremendous growth-spurt as a writer, singer, and songwriter as she’s honed in on her crafty writing style and elevated certain touches of her signature feels to unexpected heights that help twist her refreshingly vintage sound just enough so that it stays fresh for today’s listening ear.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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