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Single Review: Ian Flanigan - "Last Name on It"



                                                                  IAN FLANIGAN

                                                           "Last Name on It" 

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Ian Flanigan is certainly no stranger to the country music community. His appearance as a finalist on season 19 of The Voice has combined with strong song releases – “Under A Southern Sky” and “Grow Up” – to help further create an amazing buzz for one of country music’s on the rise talents.

Flanigan now returns his with his highly anticipated, brand-new single “Last Name on It.”

Leaning into a mid-tempo groove that sits on the edge of a familiar summery vibe synonymous with country music this time of year, Ian Flanigan utilizes his distinguishable gravelly voice to wrap his heart around a lyric that sees him praising his better half and all the different ways that she’s captivated him.

You’ve got it all! Sure enough got enough to make a man fall.”

“Got me thinking it’s time to figure out, how to lock you down for the rest of my days.”

While his easy to relate to lyrics of describing his feelings for her will resonate with the listener who finds their heart in the same type of place, it’s when we stride into the chorus that Flanigan truly shines as he comparatively sings through all the things you can’t have:

Can’t have a song without a melody.”

“Can’t have forever ‘til we change one thing; Your name….”

While he sings in the hook of the chorus of wanting, nearly yearning, to put his last name on her, Flanigan moves that idea into the here and now and the actual doing part of it to bring the lyric to its crescendo as we hit the bridge, thus allowing him to change the entire dynamic of the song through one solid group of lines that sings: 

Your love snuck up and knocked me off of my feet

That’s why right now I’m down here on one knee.”

Ian Flanigan’s star has been rapidly on the rise through each song he’s released since The Voice, but “Last Name on It” offers the perfect combination of feel good groove and heartfelt lyrics, while keeping his signature vocals in the spotlight as they capture the emotions and overall vibe.

Combine those very strong factors with the fact that the song carries a feel that makes you want to sway along with the one you love while holding them close, and Ian Flanigan has just given you the perfect mood setter to take you into the next level of falling deeper in love with your better half.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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