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Single Review: Jake Hoot - "Had It to Lose"



                                                                  JAKE HOOT

                                                           "Had It to Lose" 

                                                            Independent Release





Jake Hoot, the season 17 winner of The Voice, has hit his stride and made his mark amongst the country music community over the past year on the back of the party anthem “Night Left,” the stunning duet with his wife Brittney “Wherever Time Goes,” and a stellar featured performance alongside Bri Fletcher on “There’s Still Tomorrow.”

He now returns with “Had It to Lose.”

The song, co-written by Hoot, Matt Warren and Matt Nolan, leans on a 90’s infused country style to push you into the song and immediately get your toes tapping while the up and down strum of the guitar keeps you bopping with the catchy, tempo driven groove.

Inspired by when an unexpected bill arrived in the mail, Hoot uses the verses to sing us cleverly through all the different things that he’s lost over time including a pretty girl in New Orleans, his truck when the transmission went out, his cool when he was watching last night’s news, etc. 

In a memorable nod to his home state of Tennessee, Hoot even makes hometown remarks that connect with his loyal local following when he sings, “Lost good money betting on the Titans” in reference to the NFL team that calls Nashville home, and “Lost my flip flop on a dock at Anchor High Marina,” a popular lakeside hotspot in Hendersonville, TN.

However, the punch of the chorus is when the deeper message of the song steps into the spotlight as Hoot shifts his focus away from all the things that he’s lost, and moves into a positively grateful outlook as he sings:

“At least I had it to lose

Easy come, easy go, that’s the way it is

At least I had it to lose

Guess you can’t take it with you in the end

Ride the highs and lows wherever they go

No matter what you’re going through

At least I had it…at least I had it to lose.”

Having already been on a hot streak that has garnered him a ton of attention, Jake Hoot has just delivered a very powerful notion on “Had It to Lose” that acts as a much needed, very necessary reminder to all of us to not get so stressed and worried over every little thing that doesn’t go our way, but to truly appreciate all that we do have.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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