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Single Review: Trey Lewis - "Whatever She Sees In Me"



                                                                      TREY LEWIS

                                                                "Whatever She Sees In Me" 

                                                                Independent Release





With “Dicked Down in Dallas” and “Single Again,” Trey Lewis boldly stamped his foot down on the country music map and gave anyone dealing with bad breakups the kiss-off anthems to hold on to.

However, it’s with his much more thought-provoking songs such as “Hate This Town” and the very powerful “Little Tired” that he’s unveiled a completely different layer to who he is as an artist by showcasing his softer side through touching lyrics that relate to the listener on a much deeper level. 

That’s exactly what he’s done again with his new single “Whatever She Sees in Me.”

In this tribute to his mother and all the support she’s consistently given to him over the years - even when he may not have been deserving of it - Lewis first paints a very strong picture by taking us into his childhood home and the experience of growing up in a household run by a single mom, singing of how on some night’s his sister had to make dinner due to his mom working 12 hour shifts at the ER.

He then slides the lyric into describing his personality, which mostly tested his mom’s patience as he confesses that he was her wild child and a hell raising, natural born sinner, while later describing himself as a longshot and a trainwreck…but also stating how none of these personality traits would ever stop her from believing in him.

While he uses the second verse to focus on a specific, life-altering scenario that elevates his point of how she never turned her back on him even during a breakup that he landed him in rehab for 6-months, the true depth of this song comes when he sings us through the chorus and highlights all the many ways of how he’s seen through her eyes, ultimately leading to the amazing hook where he flips the script and brings us straight into the here and now when he makes his plea that he’s trying to be the person she sees in him.

She sees the writing on my wrongs

She sees the best in everyone

She says I’m right on track

And when I’m not she brings me back

She sees what only angels can

She sees me better than I am

Every day I’m still trying to be

Whatever she sees in me

This layer of Trey Lewis really allows him to dig deeper into his personal life to create a song that is raw, honest, and truly touches the heart of the listener. But in the middle of all those amazing aspects, he’s also subtly encouraging us to give our mom’s an extra hug while challenging us to step up and become the person who she already knows that we can be.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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