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Song Review: RaeLynn - "If God Took Days Off"




                                                                "If God Took Days Off" 

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Since graduating from her appearance on The Voice in 2012, RaeLynn has reached amazing heights in country music through early releases such as “God Made Girls” and “Love Triangle,” but she’s recently spent time rediscovering who she is and what she does best while gradually reinventing herself for her next chapter.

With the release of Baytown last year, RaeLynn has reaped the benefits of these slight changes to her style and sass as the album streams have now surpassed the 100 million mark. 

Not one to rest on the success of the moment, though, she’s now released two brand-new songs simultaneously - “I Love My Hometown” and “If God Took Days Off” - the first new music since Baytown.

“If God Took Days Off,” co-written by RaeLynn, Taylor Phillips, Ben Stennis and Cole Taylor, gives us an introspective song that expresses gratitude for how God has moved things together in His perfect timing within her life – mainly a relationship – while also challenging us to understand that nothing happens by chance, but is all by His design.

The mid-tempo, pop country tilted melody sets the perfect pace for RaeLynn to then bring her innocent, heavily country accented vocals into mix to truly elevate the lyrics, that dig much deeper into the definitions of faith than what we get if we only listen to what’s on the surface.

In list like fashion, she things us through the opening verse that talks about all the things that wouldn’t happen in everyday life if God were to take a day off; there’d be no sundown, the moon wouldn’t come up, the radio wouldn’t play the right song at the perfect moments, etc.

However, this is designed to point you to the chorus where she swerves away from the vaguely obvious stuff that wouldn’t happen, and brings it to a much more personal level when she focuses squarely on appreciating her relationship:

We wouldn’t be falling underneath the stars

We wouldn’t be feeling the beats of our hearts

Skipping like a rock on a river

No, wouldn’t be me laying right here with ya, boy

Wouldn’t be no my side of your truck

Forever wouldn’t be waiting on us

Our paths might have never crossed

If God took days off

When she sings the powerful line in the bridge, “I thank God every time I was praying, He was listening,” in its own unique way, it leaves us with a strong challenge to keep praying and keep trusting His judgement and not our own, which makes for the mark of a great song choice as it leaves the listener thinking about it long after its final notes are played.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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