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With her singles over the past year – “Easy Like That,” “Single at the Same Time,” and “Naïve – Erin Gibney has created an incredible amount of buzz ahead of her forthcoming EP Rose Colored Glasses, making it one that has quickly become a coveted highly-anticipated release! We recently had the amazing opportunity to check in with Erin and talk about the EP, working with producer Marshall Altman, her singles, cutting a song that one of her inspirations wrote, and much much more!

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1) Tell us a little bit about your upcoming EP, Rose Colored Glasses.

The songs on Rose Colored Glasses mean so much to me. These songs tell the story of the excitement, confusion, heartache, and healing that come from navigating your way through life and love. There is a song for everyone on the EP, whether you are going through a breakup, falling in love, recapturing the magic in life, or setting your own boundaries.

2) The EP is produced by Marshall Altman. You’ve been quoted a lot on how important Marshall was in helping you find the overall sound of your project. In what specific ways do you feel that Altman being a part of your project brought something out in you and your music that might not have otherwise been there on this EP?

Working with Marshall Altman has been a huge honor for me and has really helped me grow as an artist. When I am in the studio, Marshall pushes me to do my absolute best, which is what I think makes these songs so important to me. I put more work into them than I ever had before in my music, and I think it really made them stand out to me more than my other songs have in the past.

3) You’ve teased your new music over the past year with several song releases starting with “Easy Like That.” Why did you feel that this song was the perfect lead release to showcase your new music and the direction you were moving in?

I felt like “Easy Like That” was the perfect segue into this new chapter of my career because it mixed the country sound my previous work had with the pop sound that I knew I wanted to enter into. It also was a really nostalgic song for me because it touches on that first love feeling that I talked so much about in my early work.

4) With this song, you’re the sole songwriter on it. Where did this song come from for you personally and what’s the story behind it?

This song is about reminiscing on your first love and the feeling of missing something even though you don't want it back. I think we all have had moments where we miss a past relationship and wonder what it would’ve been like if it had worked out. It is a complicated feeling because relationships aren’t easy, and those feelings of missing someone come and go.

5) You do also take songs from outside writers. One song that came from outside writers - Josh Kerr, Lauren Alaina, and Hannah Ellis – is “Single at the Same Time.” In what ways did that song resonate with you that made you ultimately decide it was the right fit for your project?

I remember after I heard the demo for “Single at the Same Time,” I played it over and over again in my car for weeks. I just loved the theme of the song, and I think it is something a lot of people can relate to. Everyone has had that one person that they always wonder about, and I felt like this song captured that feeling in a really unique way.

6) You also had the chance to grab a song that one of your music influences, Kelsea Ballerini is a co-writer on; your most current release “Naïve.” What did it mean to you to be able to record a song that Kelsea wrote on? Did you know she was a co-writer on it when you first heard the song or not until you decided it was a good fit for the project?

It wasn't until I had officially decided to record “Naïve” that I found out Kelsea was a co-writer on it. It felt like a huge full-circle moment for me, because Kelsea Ballerini has been a role model in the industry for me since I was in high school. I was so excited when I heard that she had written it, and it is part of the reason why that song is so special to me.

7) Staying on “Naïve.” As we mentioned, it is your current release. What do you feel this song really showcases most about your new music that “Easy Like That” and “Single at the Same Time” may not have given the listeners?

I think that this song can really resonate with everyone who listens to it. With “Easy Like That” and “Single at the Same Time,” they tell stories about relationships that some people may not be able to relate to. I think that with "Naïve," a lot of people have experienced the magic of being young and naïve. As we get older, that excitement that comes with being young and naïve tends to fade. I love that this song reminds people to hold onto those feelings.

8) If you have to choose just one, which song from the EP stands out as your personal favorite and why that song in particular?

I would probably say that "Naïve" is my favorite of the songs. It’s a song that I know I will always feel really proud to be able to sing, and I will always relate to it, no matter how old I get.

9) Switching gears from the EP for a question…you’ve been super successful with your weekly ‘Women in Country’ covers series on Facebook Live and Instagram. Tell us a little bit about the series and how you choose the songs you perform on it?

It’s funny, because when I choose songs for my weekly “Women in Country” series, I generally just choose them based on music I’ve been listening to that week. If I have had a song stuck in my head for a few days, I’ll usually pick that one to be the cover!

10) What one piece of advice can you offer to someone who is just starting out and trying to break into the music industry?

The best piece of advice I can give someone who is just starting out in the music industry is to build a support system who you love and trust. The industry is hard, and it can feel really draining at times. The one thing that has gotten me through that has been the love and support from the people in my life.


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