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In between serving his Florida community as a law-enforcement officer, Jason Brownie took a major step forward on his path toward his country music goals when he released his debut single “Pretty Girl on the Passenger Side” this past May. We recently had the awesome opportunity to check in with Jason and talk about the new single, working with country music superstar Jeff Bates, signing with Clearwater Records, and much much more!

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis/Photo credit: New Life Photography

Music Video: Pretty Girl on the Passenger Side



1) Your music has been described as American Country. For someone who hasn’t heard it yet, though, can you further define your sound? Influences? What era of country shows up most in your branded style? Etc.

I think American Country Rock is fitting because my music is a good mixture of country with a twist of good old-fashioned rock-n-roll! I try to write things people can relate to. Some of it is wholesome and fun. Some of it is deep. And obviously being a Christian and First Responder, I’m patriotic!

2) You live in Florida, but unlike so many others who are pursuing country music, have decided to not relocate to Nashville. What made you decide that it was better to stay in your home state for now?

Easy answer. My family. Particularly being a single Dad to my daughter. We are super close. Also, the fact that I am still serving my community as a law-enforcement officer. 

3) Have you experienced any setbacks because of not moving here to Nashville?

I LOVE Nashville, but I’m a small-town country boy. I think if anything, maybe not being able to network like I would like to with other musicians, writers, etc. I would love to do more co-writing. However, in today’s age with social media, Zoom, etc., networking isn’t as big of an obstacle as it would have been 10 years ago.

4) Switching over to your music…back in May you released your debut single “Pretty Girl on the Passenger Side.” Tell us a little bit about the song.

“Pretty Girl on the Passenger Side” is just a fun, wholesome song that makes you want to cruise down the road and turn your radio up (hopefully)! 

5) You wrote the song on your own without any-cowriter? What is the inspiration behind it?

Always wanted to write a good song for driving! The hook to the song came to me first and I just thought it was super catchy. And I love how in the beginning of the song, it’s not clear if I’m talking about a girl or the car! 

6) The song was produced by country superstar Jeff Bates. How did that friendship with Jeff come about and lead to a working business relationship?

Jeff was introduced to me by my friend and Record Label CEO, Robert Gomes. 

7) What unique touches did he bring to the studio that helped you find the overall vibe of the song, that without him may not have been there?

Jeff is an incredible singer and songwriter himself and has a very good vision of where I am trying to go with my songs. He is a heck of a vocal coach and really pushes me in the studio to be my very best. And he always allows me to be true to myself. We have an outstanding working relationship and respect for one another.

8) You have signed a deal with Clearwater Records. What did Clearwater offer that made you feel like it was the perfect label home for you and your music that ultimately made you sign on the dotted line?

I was very attracted to the family atmosphere of Clearwater Records. Mr. Gomes and I became good friends first and spent many nights just jamming on our acoustic guitars at his place, way before signing as an artist. His entire family welcomed my family and I as their own. And they believe in me. I couldn’t be more blessed.

9) One question about the more personal side of your life…Tell us a bit about majoring in Criminal Justice and working toward a master’s degree in cybercrime? We’re intrigued!

I’ve been in law-enforcement for over 14 years. I have worked as a Police Officer, Field Training Officer, Detective, Background Investigator, Sergeant and now Commander. My education is important to me for promotional purposes as well as potential work in the private sector post-retirement. (Assuming I’m not making hits!

10) What one piece of advice can you offer to someone who is just starting out and trying to break into the music industry?

The best piece of advice I can give… and I feel I’m the perfect example of this… DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!! Over the course of my career, I’ve had so many setbacks and letdowns and I almost quit playing music altogether on several different occasions. Thank God I didn’t! Obviously have a backup plan in place, but stay focused, keep working hard, and never give up. Never quit chasing dreams.


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