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                                                                      RYAN KINDER

                                                              "Hell Is" 

                                                               Independent Release





Since the release of “Tonight” in 2015, Ryan Kinder has been attracting a lot of attention and has found himself on several of the “artists to watch” lists that litter magazine’s every year.

But, it was with 2017’s “Still Believe In Crazy Love” that Kinder really found his sweet spot as an artist and delivered a super powerful vocal and a lyric that perked our ears and made us pay that much more attention to everything he is releasing.  

Kinder now returns with “Hell Is,” a song co-written with Kevin Bard and Clare Dunn, and it’s the second preview he’s given us from his forthcoming debut album Room To Dream.

What originally began from overhearing a conversation in a YMCA locker room, Kinder perfectly found the soulful grit in his voice to deliver the necessary pain to convey the depth of the confusing emotions in the aftermath of a heartbreak.

Tossing you into the song with the line, “She said go to hell, those words just linger in the air,” helps to set the incredible lyrics in motion as he uses the 3 minutes that follow to give us comparable lines that pull from the concepts of “hell” – “Ash and dust, it’s just the memory of,” “She was my heaven and I’m the one that fell from grace,” etc.

However, none of these familiar hell concepts is what hell really is in the aftermath of any breakup, and Kinder and his co-writers masterfully tap into what we’ve all felt before as they sing about what that hell is throughout the choruses: “empty house not a sound screaming in my head you’re gone,” “front seat, used to be you and me but now I’m solo,” “morning kiss that I miss don’t know how I’m gon’ move on,” etc.; All ultimately designed to hit us with the raw honesty of the hook, “Hell is anywhere without, anywhere without you.”

Ryan Kinder continues to get stronger and stronger with each song and this one is no exception to that. Whether this song will go any further than the secondary radio charts remains to be seen, but no matter what else it does… “Hell Is” has absolutely done the trick to getting us excited for the album this July.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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