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                                                                      MELISSA BROOKE

                                                              "Let Me Breathe" 

                                                               Independent Release





Getting one song from your debut album to land in the Top 50 is as difficult a task as it comes, but to have seven songs do it is incredible! That’s exactly what Melissa Brooke did, though, when she charted seven songs from her debut album Texas Rubye at Texas Radio.

With all eyes on her now, Brooke is currently riding high on the Top 15 success of her latest single “Let Me Breathe,” a song which explores the up and down emotions of a relationship going through the on again/off again cycle. 

Leaning against a very modern tinged, tempo driven melody, Brooke utilizes the depth of her vocals to deliver the opening verse which sings instantly of contrasting emotions: “starts with a kiss, ends up in pain” and “you say it’s alright, but I know we’re gonna crash down.”

This is all expertly designed to drive you to the chorus, which elevates the entire song to a sing-along level when Brooke demonstrates that she clearly understands it’s time to get off the rollercoaster: “I don’t want you to be the first thing on my mind,” “I don’t want to cry when I hear your name and feel that bullet in my heart again,” “it’s time to let me go – let me breathe.”

As the song presses forward, Brooke continues to unravel this realization as she sings in the second verse of how she sees now that their love was never bulletproof.

Spliced between the modern kissed melody and Brooke’s outstanding vocal delivery, sits a guitar shred through the bridge that rips in a way that is reminiscent of the hard rock of the 1980’s bringing an unexpected, though very cool and edgy dynamic, to the song.

Brooke has experienced incredible chart success in Texas with her career so far, but “Let Me Breathe” presents a song that gives her the strong possibility of crossing over and experiencing national market attention.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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