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                                                                      CHAD COOKE BAND

                                                              "I Wanna Go Out" 

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What started out with the vibe of a dusty, old school country song before giving way to a boot stomping honly-tonker designed to get your boot heels clicking, the Chad Cooke Band’s 2020 single “Bringing Country Back” revealed one layer of who they are as a band.

On the flipside, they also released “Cowboy’s Cowgirl” in 2020 and gave us a song that was built to not only set fire to the Texas music charts, but one that also had the ability to cross over to the national top 40.

Riding the buzz they’ve already created with their four #1 songs to date, the group’s recent tune “I Wanna Go Out,” although not an official radio single is still arguably their best to date.

The softer, toned down opening to the song allows the honesty of Cooke’s vocal to carry you into the lyric and hook you from the get-go as he sings of wanting to go out on the town with his girl back like they did when they were carefree and 22, before the instrumentation gives way to the full band and the true depth of the lyric slides in.

As you float along the catchy melody, you are twisted through lyrics that reveal someone who is looking at how they truly want to leave their mark on their world: “When they think of me I wanna take them back to the middle of a good memory,” “give ‘em the reason to toast and raise up a cold one,” and ultimately be living his best life next to the one he loves.

In true Texas country fashion, “I Wanna Go Out” is a song built for a Saturday night dance hall. The melody will have you bringing your better half to the middle of the dance floor and pulling them close as they put their head on your shoulder and you spin around under the lights.

And if you’re one of those who is at the dance hall without someone, that’s alright! This song is still for you and will keep you reminiscing with a cold one in your hand as you think about who you are and where you want to go from here with your life to make your mark.

Country songs come and country songs go at a rapid pace these days. However, there are still some songs that come along that will make you really stop and think about life in the best possible ways – this is one of those songs!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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