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                                                                      CREED FISHER

                                                               "The Good Ol' U.S. of A." 

                                                               Dirt Rock Empire





As Creed Fisher continues offering tastes of his upcoming album Whiskey and the Dog (due out October 22, 2021) while tearing up the Texas radio charts with singles such as “Jesus, Haggard & Jones,” he now gives us our third look at the album with “The Good Ol’ U.S. of A,” an autobiographical tune which focuses on all the good things about living in America while providing an anthem for the blue-collar.

Fisher, a US Army veteran himself, goes against the current trend of “it’s cool to negatively dog America,” and instead, opts to boldly remind us of all the simple reasons to be thankful that we’re still living in the greatest country.

With the usage of traditional bent instrumentation such as the steel guitar, Fisher knows how to expertly wrap his raw, gritty vocals around the mood of melody and inject the song with the authenticity that can only come straight from the heart.

He opens the song by singing straight to the blue-collar worker when he says, “I spent a lot of long days working hard in this town,” before listing the reasons for doing so such as a wife and 3 kids at home.

However, it’s when he moves into the chorus that he delivers the true depth of the song as he encourages the listener to boldly chase their dreams no matter what life throws at them, to live life in the moment and do the best you can with the moments you’re given, and to thank the Lord for giving them the chance to live in the good ol’ USA.

The second verse raises his personal flag high, as Fisher shifts focus to honoring the military.

“This free air I breath is because of the brace

A lot of good men died, so we could keep it that way.” 

And later singing:

 "I stand with my hand on my heart

When Old Glory waves and our anthem starts.”

A song like this will most certainly ruffle the feathers of the naysayers and complainers in this day and age, but Creed Fisher has delivered a lyrical masterpiece for the ones who still bleed red, white, and blue – and in terms of songwriting and artistry, these are the types of folks standing in front of his stage with their glasses raised high that will be cheering him on as he plays this one for them night in and night out.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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