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                                                                      GARY PRATT

                                                               "Country To The Bone" 






With his last single “A Song You Can Drink A Beer To,” Gary Pratt not only re-introduced his brand of 90’s influenced, modern twisted country, but brought the first attention to his ultra-personal Something Worth Remembering album, a body of work which he dedicated to the memory of his late brother Dennis.

Pratt now returns with the sophomore single from the album, “Country To The Bone.”

The opening guitars instantly get your toes tapping as they pull you into the chunky rhythm of the melody as Pratt begins to deliver his ode to the great country music that has defined who he is while warning, “don’t go touching my radio, unless you want to fight.”

Describing himself as being country to the bone, Pratt leans on the icons of solid country gold radio to define why he is that way when he sings lines such as:

“I’d like to listen to Hank.”

“Raised on Haggard and Jones.”

In the second verse, Pratt perfectly paints the picture of a Saturday night dancehall when he describes the familiar type of place as being lit up by neon signs, having a parking lot full of trucks, a party crowd behind its doors who are doing it country style, etc.

Pratt has balanced his latest album between songs that are meant to tug at your heartstrings and evoke a genuine emotion with those that are just pure fun. “Country To The Bone” is definitely the latter, and it’s a perfect song to light up a dancefloor and hit just right as you slide into your country side.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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