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                                                                      RANDY ROGERS BAND

                                                               "Picture Frames" 

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The Randy Rogers Band certainly doesn’t need any introduction at this point in their careers. The group is one of Texas country music’s most elite, sought-after bands, who’s accolades will fill up a list a mile long.

Celebrating their 20th Anniversary with the release of a brand-new album in the spring of 2022, we are getting our first taste of things to come with the release of their new single “Picture Frames.”

Written by Rogers and Drew Kennedy, “Picture Frames” leans on the familiar country rock twisted sound that is synonymous with RRB, while taking us on a nostalgic trip through photographs that hang on the hallway wall and showcase monumental moments in a couple’s life.

“Remember that night in New Orleans” opens the song as Rogers then takes us into the memory bank that looking at that specific photograph invoked:

“We’d only known each other for a couple of weeks.”

“We watched the sunrise on bourbon street, with hurricanes in our hands.”

“There wasn’t no one but the two of us, that even gave it half a chance.”

Likewise, two different photographs in the second verse spark more important memories as well - we head to California with the line “There we are on Sunset Blvd., looking like a couple young movie stars,” and are then taken clear across the country to The Florida Keys when he sings, “Just you on the beach, smiling at the camera in the Florida Keys.”

However, the true depth of the song comes when we stride into the bridge and our narrator comes out of the past and makes the looking ahead statement, “Still got a little space, some memories left to make.”

I recently was visiting my sister and it seemed that no matter where you turned, her walls had pictures covering them that were marking different family milestones and sparking memories that led to stories – the kind that are usually grander than the actual moment because over the years of telling them they’ve grown and grown.

Though picture songs that drip with nostalgia have been done in country music before (i.e., Jamey Johnson’s “In Color"), in a world right now that relies so much on capturing digital moments that disappear when you get a new phone, the Randy Rogers Band shows us that the true importance of a photograph comes in the milestone memory that gets attached to that captured moment.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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