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  JET JURGENSMEYER - Good Days - Simba Entertainment

Following the upbeat, daydreamed “Coffee Bar,” Jet Jurgensmeyer continues to stamp his signature sound as he unapologetically balances the edges of country and pop on his melodically gripping new single, “Good Days.”

Written by Jurgensmeyer and Andrew Rizzuto, the song seamlessly moves through the ebbs and flows, the natural ups and downs of a relationship, pushing a rhythmic drive through the opening verse as Jet pumps an edginess into his otherwise cleanly delivered vocal.

Trailing the conflicts of still wanting the relationship to work out in its tougher moments while doing what it takes to try and understand each other during them, Jet accents the bends of his voice into the emotional turmoil he’s battling inside, adding fuel to the melodic lift of the chorus as he hits the crescendo juxtaposition that swerves him away from focusing on the bad times to hold tightly to the good:

“I’m here every time

Same thing but I don’t mind

Put me through hell

But I’m crawling back to the lies

Heartbreak to you ain’t the same

Something about you and the pain

Gives me a high, makes me look back to all the ways

We got lost in the good days”

Cleverly running comparatives in the second verse that sings of her being like an addictive medicine that cures his pain, though she’s the cause of it, the bridge then adds precise chops to the strike of the guitars to accelerate his emotional tug-of-war as he tries to make sense of the reasons that he keeps breaking his own heart and can’t stop going back for more.

“Was it broken from the start

Was it written in the stars

Were we made for broken hearts

Before you tore me apart”

As Jet Jurgensmeyer continues to find his voice and exude more and more confidence in his songwriting, he’s making huge strides with each new release, spotlighting his keen ability to unashamedly take some risks as he pushes the boundary lines while masterfully branding the trials and tribulations of his real life into a connection factor that that solidifies his core demographic.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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