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Since hitting out the gate in 2022 with “How It Oughta Be,” Tennessee-born singer-songwriter Shane Profitt has continually risen to the occasion with songs that have defined his authentic country boy charm into a signature feel that’s highlighted him as country music’s next big thing.

Directly following last month’s very well-received, “Two Down,” Profitt now returns with “Back Home.”

Written by Shane, Chris Janson, Blake Bollinger, and Nate Kenyon, the song leans into a pulsating drive within its backbeat, providing a melodic sense of urgency to the nostalgic aura that Profitt paints through the notion of there being no place like home.

“Home isn’t just a place, but a feeling,” Profitt said. “A lot of this song comes from my time spent on the road and missing that small-town feeling, and being near to the places, people and things you love – something I’m sure a lot of people can relate to.”

Pushing out lyrics in the opening verse that provides the visual snapshot of the small-town country where he was raised, Profitt immediately has you envisioning a throwback era full of back porch hubs, unlocked doors, Hank Williams on the radio, etc.

Grinding its rhythmic strike to the edgier depths of the country genre line, the chorus adds a dirty guitar crunch around the fuel of his vocals to inject a fist pumping, anthem like quality:

“Back home it’s as homegrown as it gets

Corn in a row and a barbed wire fence

Runnin’ down the side of a gravel road

Yeah, back home you go to college or to workin’ for the man

You get to shippin’ out and servin’ this land

Thank God there’s a place we can go

That’ll always have our back home”

Continuing to paint the picture in the second verse, waxing nostalgic on the way it was and will always be, Shane invites us to come and hang out at the Wal-Mart parking lot while uncovering a deeper idea of who he is and where he comes from; “Back home there’s a farmer hiring high school kids, breakin’ backs to make some cash and that’s what I did.”

I’ve heard it said recently that country music is doing really well right now because the world is hurting, and whenever it gets to this place, we turn back to our roots. With incredible honesty laced into his booming voice, Shane Profitt carries heartfelt admiration through “Back Home,” spotlighting an irresistible hometown pride that instantly encourages the listener to slow down for moment and remember where they come from.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis/Cover Art c/o Big Machine Label Group)


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