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  ZAC BROWN BAND - Tie Up - Warner Music Nashville

Though they’ve never abandoned their irresistibly summer vibes, Zac Brown Band’s recent strikes on radio have showcased more of their grittier, backwoods aura. But now for the first time since 2022’s “Same Boat,” the decorated group returns to the sand and sun with their new summertime anthem, “Tie Up.”

Written by Ben Simonetti, Chris Gelbuda, Jonathan Singleton, Josh Hoge, and Zac Brown, the rootsy acoustic strum laces the intro to immediately hold you within its feel-good vibe, enticing you through melody to let you worries drift away as you float on the breeze into a carefree snapshot of the simple life…lakeside.

There’s something in the water ‘round here, it’s more than just boats and beers,” sings the opening line, engaging the typical notion of letting loose and having a good time with a drink in your hand, but it also interestingly sets the deeper idea that this is not going to be just another seasonal type of party song.

Digging beneath the surface of the many boat-docked references, there’s heavy focus placed on the aura that whisks you away to an escape from the craziness of the everyday world; not so much to the party as much as to the people who make life so fun.

In an all are welcome here embrace, lines such as “and it don’t matter where you’re from or who you know” and “Got red red necks and high high class, floating around getting trailer trashed,” paint the picture of a place where all walks of life gel together, soaking up the sun while drenched in good times, good vibes, and good music sans any class distinctions.

“You wanna tie up

Put your feet in the water, pop a cold top, just float like a bobber

And it don’t matter if you’re Mastercraft

Or you’re bass tracker

It don’t matter, tie up

Koozie up a can, put a little sun on that farmer’s tan

Leave your troubles on the bank and your gas in the tank

Just worry about what’s in your cup

And tie up”

There’s always a heaping helping of sun kissed songs that hit country radio this time of year, but with where the world is at in this moment, a song that masks its sunshine in an idea of coming together to do life side by side certainly becomes intriguing.

Not a lot of artists do summertime as well as Zac Brown Band, and “Tie Up” easily fits onto your warm weather playlist’s alongside “Toes,” “Knee Deep,” “Jump Right In,” and “Castaway.”

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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