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  LILY GRACE - The Summer That Got Away - Independent Release

Though her last single “Can’t Be Your Juliet” presented a me not you/let him down easy anthem for the independent dream chaser, Australian pop country sensation Lily Grace now returns to her addictively  flirtatious aura on her brand-new single, “The Summer That Got Away.” 

Written by Lily, Bill DiLuigi, and Kristi Manna, the upbeat summertime banger provides similarity to what we heard on songs such as “Maybe So” and “Bet On Us,” wrapping into the enticing idea to live life in the moment, throw caution to the wind, and take a chance on falling before the warmer weather months pass by.

Painting the beach side escape, we’re first transported to a night laced in bonfires and guitars throughout the opening verse, while a vivid front porch picture engages the second as Lily teases her budding crush, “Ain’t it about time that you kissed me?”

An intriguingly unique production element of layered vocals at the end lines of each verse immediately grabs your ear, moving the melody to the bop along jump of the chorus as she nods to the urgency of not letting a moment slip away:

“We don’t gotta waste one minute

Cause we’ll regret it for the rest of our lives

Come on let’s get up into the middle of it

More than a little of it, do it up right

We only get a hundred days

Don’t let it be the summer

The summer

The summer

That got away”

Expertly signaling that they haven’t any time to waste if they want to make a memory, the clap along countdown of the bridge accents just how quickly the days are passing:

“We got 99 nights, we just burned another

98 days unlike any other

97 days don’t want ‘em to end

Good times, good vibes, good friends”

By allowing the carefreeness of her voice to scale the essence of summer embedded into the lyrics, Lily masterfully provides the right flares of happiness, eagerness, and an optimistic outlook of making the most of every day while not worrying about tomorrow.

As the rising superstar continues to give definition to her overall sound with each new song released, her positivity radiates through her confident swagger, pulling you into each note to leave you wanting more; Something she’s absolutely done again with “The Summer That Got Away.”

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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