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  HEARTWRECKERS - Don't Trust That Truck - Independent Release

When they introduced themselves earlier this year with their debut single “Shut Up,” Heartwreckers (Brock Butler and Ryan Garrett) refreshingly delivered an unapologetic blast to country music as they formally set in motion their determination to craft songs with no boundary restrictions.

They now offer the next preview of their forthcoming EP Shut Up And Drink with their second single, “Don’t Trust That Truck.”

With an irresistibly catchy groove lacing its intro, you’re immediately swaying and clapping along as it intriguingly pulls you in, drenching the opening verse with a melodic feel that brushes a mid-2010’s country aura.

Initially painting descriptives of how the truck itself is just fine, there then arrives the conflict that sets the entire lyric when he laments that the only one thing wrong with it is how it seems to only know how to drive straight to her house, to a known heartbreak.

The lift of the chorus expertly shifts the amped melody into his desperate struggles as he battles the on again off again, I know better and should walk away feeling, as his “truck” simultaneously navigates him right back to the heartache that he knows she’s gonna leave him with:

“Cause when it rolls down the highway

It don't care where the hell I need to go

It takes a hard left right towards a heartache

Then it dumps me on my ass right at her door

I talk my way my in, she kicks me out, and it picks me up

I don't trust that truck”

Like with other recent songs, “New Truck” and “7500 OBO,” the second half of this one sees him putting his ride up for sale, if for no other reason than it always seems to drive him to where he doesn’t want to go, both physically and emotionally.  

Though lyrically familiar to other songs, what Heartwreckers seem to do best is swerve the typical while walking the middle of familiar, creating a fresh sound that makes you want to listen while cranking up the volume, giving definition to the signatures of what to expect as one of country music’s most promising new duos continues to plow forward toward the release of their highly anticipated debut EP.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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