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Eighteen years ago, Cross Canadian Ragweed released their cult classic album, ‘Soul Gravy’.  The record peaked at #5 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and featured the hit singles “Sick and Tired” (featuring Lee Ann Womack) and “Alabama”, both of which enjoyed success on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Flash Forward nearly two decades, and ‘Soul Gravy” is getting another chance to enjoy the spotlight.  Restored, reimagined, and refreshed by Cody Canada & The Departed, the album is proving to still be a favorite amongst fans and within the industry, as the first single, “Lonely Girl”, hit the top spot in Texas where it remained for 20 weeks.

The latest single, “Again”, is taking a second run at country radio, and promises to be better than ever.  Written by Cody and Randy Rogers, the song’s new version has taken on new life and escalated its potential to another level, something we didn’t think was possible.

This time, “Again” features Rogers on vocals, adding an element to the song that we never knew we always wanted. 

“It’s been six long days, and I’m on my way

Will I ever see the end, gotta heavy load

Down a dead end road, and I can’t sleep again”

It’s astonishing to think that we may have forgotten just how great this song is, and the new life brought to it when delivered as a collaborative effort between two incredibly gifted songwriters and performers, is propelling it to another extreme for any and all music lovers, no matter the genre.

Cross Canadian Ragweed was recognized as one of the most successful touring bands across any genre, playing nearly 300 shows in a given year.  Cody felt the ‘Soul Gravy’ recording process was rushed due to the band’s touring schedule, and thus, all these years later, here we are with what feels like a fresh release of high quality, brand-new music.

In addition to the reenergized music releases, fans can also look forward to seeing Cody & Co. on the road quite often this summer, as they have dates scheduled at various spots throughout the country through August.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson) 




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