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                                                                    ANDREW JANNAKOS

                                                              "Changing Me" 

                                                              RCA Records Nashville





Andrew Jannakos has undergone a lot of changes, both personally and professionally, in the last few years.  Having moved from his hometown in Georgia to Nashville, TN, landing a massive hit single and signing a record deal with Sony Music Nashville / RCA Nashville, The Voice season 16 album has experienced and achieved a lifetime of accomplishments in such a short time.

But as his latest single details, describes, and beautifully articulates, the biggest and often most rewarding changes he has been apart of in his life to this point is watching his son age and grow. “Changing Me” is available now on all streaming platforms.

Written by Jannakos along with Dave Cohen, Ray Fulcher, and Lee Thomas Miller, the song shines a light on the ways in which being a father has inspired inner growth in him. 

“’Changing Me’ isn’t only a song for my son.  It’s a song that shows that parents grow just as much as their little ones,” Jannakos shared.  “We watch them grow every day, week, month.  But we never sit back and see the change that they made in our lives as parents and people.  They make us better.”

This is an unapologetically honest and vulnerable ode of self-reflecting on who the songwriter is as a man and as a father.  The indie singer-songwriter vibe of the song is part of its charm, focusing on the lyrics and displaying the emotional vocal delivery as its utmost important element.

There are some songs that make the hook or the melody the priority, but for “Changing Me”, it is all about the message and the words that Andrew is singing from start to finish.

“You’re changing a little more every day

Time is racing, it’s been known to slip away

You run faster, you go harder

You get tougher, you grow taller

Crazy how you’re changing but everyone can see

There’s nothing like the way you’re changing me”

Since first making a major impact on the country music scene with “Gone Too Soon” in 2020, Jannakos continues to add to his musical catalogue with highly praised and acclaimed releases, by fans and critics alike, “Gettin’ There” and “Heaven’s Like A Hometown”, as well as “Meet My Maker”.

With each new release, Andrew continues to hone his craft and develop as a singer and songwriter, climbing the ranks and deservedly garnering the reputation as one of the bright young talents in country music.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)




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