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                                                                     LAINE LONERO


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Louisiana native Laine Lonero has released her latest single, “Broke”, available on all streaming platforms now via Epochal Artists Records / INgrooves.

The Belmont University student is a talented songwriter and gifted vocalist, and has been honing her craft and developing as a recording artist, and with each new song we hear, the more impressed we are and should be.

Lonero continues to brighten her star with a combination of relatable, sophisticated lyrical imagery and powerhouse vocal ability in the extremely competitive pop-country market.

“Broke” written by Laine along with Amanda Cooksey, was inspired by a shared feeling that today’s dating scene lacks genuine feelings and commitment.  Many of the best songs are written from a place of personal experience or reflection, and for Laine, she was searching for a way to process her own love life.  The result of that process was the birth of an incredibly clever musical approach to a broken heart and a statement to those who have hurt her in the past.

“You need to know what it feels like to wake up

And her side of the bed is cold

And the hurt that you feel when you realize

Her name’s not in your phone

‘Cause once you lose a real good thing

Next one you’ll never wanna let go

So before you go and give away your heart, boy

You need to get it broke”

Lonero, herself, has shared that the song has a “double meaning” as a way to heal as well as a message to her ex’s to reflect on themselves and their actions before their next relationship.  It’s an incredibly rare element of a heartbreak song to look at an ex-lover’s future and offer a suggestion as how to better their situation.  This is a sign of musical maturity and songwriting ingenuity…two attributes that are representative of who Laine is as an artist.

Since she was just 13 years old when she wrote her first song, Lonero has been impressing music fans with her vocal ability and natural songwriting talents.  From releasing her debut single “No Sweat” to making the move from Louisiana to Tennessee and attending the famous Belmont University, Laine has made the necessary steps towards becoming a star in country music.  With the look, talent, and drive of a successful country music artist, she continues to build momentum, recognition, and anticipation with every song she releases.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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