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                                                                      GRACE LEER

                                                                "My Mind's Made Up" 

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Grace Leer, who casual music fans will recognize from her impressive stint on Season 18 of American Idol, made tremendous impact on country music last year with her very well-received, self-titled album which contained a blast of hot singles, “After 1,” “The One’s Before Me,” and the breathtakingly, emotional driven, “The One.”

She now gives us her first new music of 2023 with “My Mind’s Made Up”; a song she wasn’t even planning on officially releasing, but then it struck viral success and resonated with her enthusiastic fan base who promptly clamored for it to be her next single.

Written by Grace with Nick Wayne and Daniel Agee, the song stares at the idea of falling in love with someone for who you thought they were rather than who they actually are while gripping the confusing emotions as you sort through your tangled thoughts after the inevitable split.

With a slower paced melody embedded into the waltz like rhythm, Leer keeps her incredible vocal at the forefront, utilizing the tones of her voice to perfectly hold the emotional tug as she describes the attraction of what first drew her to him, painting pictures of him beaming like a knight in shining armor the night he walked into the bar in his blue jeans, a ball cap, and a Carhartt.

However, she quickly shifts away from her initial swooning to move into the here and now when she admits that it looked different underneath the neon lights, while then using the second verse to confess that while she thought she’d be broken hearted the next time she ran into him at the same bar, she realizes now that it was all smoke and mirrors.

Both these very real, transparently honest looks at what it is versus what it could’ve been allow Leer to hit the chorus with the proper heart punch when she sings: 

“In my mind you were mine, you were good, you were kind

You and me we were so in love

In my head you were him, you were right, you were it

But it wasn’t what I thought it was

You never gave me your best

But my heart filled in the rest

I’m not getting over you, that isn’t hard to do

I’m getting over who my mind’s made up”

Truth is that we’ve all been here before, keeping a fabricated idea of who someone is so that they can match the wants that we’re searching for in our own lives while ignoring the red flags that should be obvious to us. These situations will always end in disaster, but how you respond to them is so important. Grace Leer shows the endearing maturity level that arrives in realizing you were wrong but solidifies the strongest aspect of this song when she highlights the growth that comes through admitting it.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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