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                                                                    CHELSEA BERMAN

                                                             "Where Does That Leave Me?" 

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Earlier this year, Chelsea Berman began sliding her ultra-modern, country infused sound into intriguing crossover territory when she injected the pop genre with her incredibly well received single, “Going There.”

She now continues to open this exciting next chapter with what is her most personal song to date, “Where Does That Leave Me?”

The song, co-written by Berman and Melanie Dyer, leans into simplicity through its instrumentation at its onset to perfectly encompass the confusion of moody emotions as she drops her voice into what is essentially an open letter of the heartbreak that she’s feeling during what is presumably an on-again/off-again relationship that she can’t seem to let go of.

Every late-night drunk dial, I’m the one you call,” she laments on the song’s opening line, setting in motion the unreciprocated love that sees him taking but never giving, which now has her questioning her efforts to continuously be there for him.

“You never learn your lesson; you tell me that you’ll change...And I always listen but it stays the same”

“Always mending fences that I didn’t break...I just keep on giving but all you do is take”

The slap of the chorus and the punch of the bridge sees her leaning directly into the hurt while asking the bold question “Where does that leave me?” as she runs through the hard truths about where they’re at and how she’s feeling deep inside:

“It’s always about you it never felt like us”

“Never signed up for a one-way street”

“I’ll never take the lead”

“I give me my heart away, but I don’t want to be left there on my own”

With the fluid combination of pop ideals and country music’s greatest characteristics, Chelsea Berman takes an ultra-modern, ear catching approach to a tough emotion that we all too often feel, strongly connecting lyrically with the listener as she perfectly grips the realities that being second best will always eventually take its toll on a relationship, ultimately leading to its demise.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)  



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