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Single Review: Frank Ray - "Somebody Else's Whiskey"



                                                                      FRANK RAY

                                                               "Somebody's Else's Whiskey" 

                                                                Stoney Creek Records





When “Country’d Look Good On You” reached Top 20 status, Frank Ray saw the career that he’d been shaping since his 2017 debut EP Different Kind of Country take off like a rocket as he held on tightly for the ride.

A Grand Ole Opry debut, the release of his EP Getcha Some, and the announcement that he’d be the support act for country megastars Old Dominion in 2023 would all arrive with that charting success, monumentally providing the next steps up toward stardom.

But a smaller rung on the ladder that packed just as much a major impact would define what his next official radio single should be. A stellar performance as part of a songwriter’s round in Nashville would see him testing “Somebody Else’s Whiskey” on the usually tough crowd, but their exuberant reaction was the tell-tale sign that this song needed to be his next to impact.

In what starts off like any good breakup song, though this one’s backed by an infectiously catchy groove, Frank takes us straight into the moment when even though they knew their inevitable split was coming, she confessed that she met someone new the other night who she thinks might be the one.

However, this quickly shifts from what could have been a crying in your beer lyric, to an anthem that has you raising your drink as he unashamedly admits, “I tried not to look happy as we were packin' her things into her trunk,” before slapping into a chorus that immediately hits your ears, tickles your senses, and has you singing straight at your own ex:

“She's drinkin' somebody else's whiskey

On somebody else's tab

Ridin' shotgun in some other poor

S.O.B's crew cab

Talkin' somebody else's ear off

She ain't my problem no more

She's drinkin' somebody else's whiskey

So I'm just gonna sit here and

Pour me a tall one and raise it up high

Here's to a real damn good goodbye”

Following the giddy mood shift, Ray continues to celebrate their split when he sings of how it worked out just right and he must’ve got lucky, though he does slyly shrug his shoulders when he tells that he kind of feels sorry for the new guy, before punching the bridge with one last kiss off toast that sees him happily looking forward to his night of peace and quiet without her there; and having twice as much to drink!

There are certain songs that come along, and you just know. “Somebody Else’s Whiskey” is absolutely one of them. It’s catchy, memorable, and carries a tremendous connection factor straight to the heart of many listeners; a perfect combination that makes it safe to say Frank Ray is about to notch his next highly charting single as he takes another monumental step up the path toward his stardom.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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