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                                                                      CHARLY REYNOLDS

                                                                "Out Of My Hands"

                                                                Independent Release





Letting go of your feelings for someone after a break-up is hard. Your whole world is shaken to its core, and everything that you’ve come to know abruptly changes in an instant. But what’s even more difficult than letting go, is trying to still hold on.

Country sensation Charly Reynolds brand-new single, “Out of My Hands,” perfectly slides into the middle of those conflicting emotions during that confusing place where you’re holding on to what was while having to let go of what is. 

Lamenting as she opens the song that even though the damage is already done and he’s moved on, all she wants to do is call him up even though she doesn’t know what she’d say.

She then expertly weaves us through the myriad of anxious emotions that naturally arrive as she dangerously runs her thought process straight into the past, remembering how much his arms around her felt like coming home while confessing of her struggles with having to now fall asleep in the house alone.

But it’s in the chorus where Reynolds truly elevates the gut punch of the song when she backtracks over all the things that she thought would happen if she prayed hard enough, that never did happen:

“I thought maybe if I prayed

You’d come running back

You would go and unpack all your things

Thought maybe I could sway

You into coming over, take it a little slower

So you’d stay

Guess God had other plans

It’s hard to understand

Now you’re in somebody else’s arms

And it’s out of my hands.”

What I love about Charly Reynolds is that even when the song contains a heavier lyric and a softer melody, she tends to keep things on the catchy side to hook the listener so that when she wraps her heartfelt, emotionally charged vocal into the lyrics you’re 100% invested.

Though the song is super relatable to the broken hearted who are feeling stuck and exhausted, it’s ultimately a song about accepting God’s plan over our own and holding onto the faith that He knows what’s best even if it doesn’t make sense in the current.

“Out Of My Hands” follows the incredible “Tonight in Texas,” which also saw Reynolds delivering a trouble with moving on lyric, giving her a bit of a signature knack for this type of song as she power packs relatable emotions to deliver straight to the broken hearted.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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