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                                                                    CHASE MATTHEW

                                                              "The Way I Am" 

                                                              Warner Music Nashville





By the time that he had inked his deal with Warner Music Nashville, Chase Matthew had already independently excelled several miles ahead on his path to stardom, earning an exuberantly supportive fan base through his incredible live shows, strong social media connection, and the release of his highly praised album Born For This.

However, since signing with Warner, his recent song releases “She Loves Jesus” and “Love You Again” have both squarely fit into the repertoire that made him one of the fastest rising stars on the country music circuit, and they’ve already very quickly brought his status level to even bigger heights.

Striking while the iron’s hot, he kicks off 2023 by continuing to pump out new music amid headlining tour stops in front of sold-out crowds, starting with his newest release, “The Way I Am.”

The song, co-written by Chase with Hunter Phelps, Brock Berryhill, and Andy Albert, elevates his ultra-modern country sound and keeps the spotlight on his keen sensibilities to push all the right emotions into his lyrics to add a strong believability factor to them; something he’s done again with the heartbroken acceptance of who’s he become in the aftermath of a breakup on “The Way I Am.”

Though he says as the song opens “I don’t like pointing fingers,” when that’s the shoe that fits you have no other choice but to do it, as he quickly strikes that she’s the reason for his spiraling after their breakup.

Using the verses, he speaks directly to the struggles and the vices that arrive when you’re stuck in place while trying to move on, vulnerably sharing that he’s turned to alcohol to help cope and often finds himself scrolling through their memories on social media every time that he’s on the verge of getting over her. 

By never saying exactly how she did him wrong, it cleverly allows the listener to connect their own story with the song, giving the chorus that much more of a strong heart punch as Matthew then confesses that he doesn’t even know himself anymore while listing the ways that he’s been trying to avoid the pain, such as staying off the main roads or ducking out at parties, etc., fully admitting in a cry out for help that “Right now, I kind hate me too!”

Chase Matthew emerged onto the scene very strongly, and he quickly became one of the artists that had everyone immediately buzzing about him. But as he’s proven over just three releases with his new record label home, he’s now clearly arrived, and his exciting new chapter is just heating up!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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