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                                                 "Dirty Blonde"

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Since making the move to Nashville this past year, Australian country songstress Zoee has made an immediate splash on the country music scene with high-profile gigs and her newest crop of songs, produced by Grammy Award winner James House.

“It Ain’t Love (If It Doesn’t Hurt)” introduced her strong vocal abilities as she moved her voice fluidly through the up and down emotional tilt of the lyrics while melding it together with flashes of her 90’s country influences, while the upbeat “This Thing” offered a look at her fun-loving, carefree side and the softer paced “Castles in the Sand” expertly slid the instrumentation to the background to allow her voice to float along the retrospective lyric.

She now returns to kick off 2023 with her latest effort, “Dirty Blonde.”

The grit heavy catchiness of the swampy filled guitar lick allows Zoee to tap into a bit more of the sassy and sultry side of her voice as she weaves us through a lyric that overflows with confidence, boldly telling you who is, but ultimately, stamping down exactly what you’ll need to do if you want to win her over.

Singing through a list of life lessons her dad taught her, including how to fix a car and that with a little dirt on her hands she’ll find a man and not a boy, Zoee first gives you a firm look at her self-assuredness before sliding into a descriptive look at what you can expect from her if you want to stand by her side, arm in arm.

Declaring in the chorus that she is the “bomb,” she then continues to unravel all the different, specific attributes about her that you’ll have to embrace if she lets you in any further past only the flirtatious playfulness that she’s currently allowing you to have with her.

Lifting her voice into higher territories then we’ve heard from her on previous releases provides an accent to the end points of each line, giving them an emphasizing exclamation point while impressively showcasing her abilities to maneuver her voice into a different range and octave.

The fiery confidence she wraps around the lyrics allows her to really punch home her 90’s/early 2000’s country influences within the instrumentation, but the namechecking of pop icon Cher in the second verse helps unravel the pop layer that bubbles underneath, showing Zoee’s intriguing abilities to move through different styles and genres with extreme finesse while continuing to define her signature feels.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)





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