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                                                                      CANAAN COX

                                                                "Hate Me More" 

                                                                Empire Nashville





North Carolina native Canaan Cox has released his new single, “Hate Me More”, via Empire Nashville. 

From a musical standpoint, this song is as contemporary and modern as a release in country music in recent memory.  Blending elements of new-age country along with pop, rhythm and blues, the tune embarks on a genre-bending journey from start to finish, offering a truly unique musical refuge and escape from the sometimes redundant sounds of the mainstream.

From a subject matter standpoint, this is a breakup song.  It’s a tale of heartbreak while trying to move on.  Of course, this is often easier said than done, and throughout this track, Canaan is struggling to do just that, as his thoughts and feelings are occupied by a former love.

“God, this whole thing is so stupid

What am I trying to prove getting over you?

If you’re hearing that I’ve moved on

That I’m better off with you gone

You’re the only one that knows I’m wrong”

The multi-talented artist is proving himself as a singer, songwriter and performer, three roles that are necessary to become a mainstay in today’s musical spectrum.  He has had a wide range of influences, musically and otherwise, over the years, and the result of his own recorded work is a reflection of that diversity.

From listening to Conway Twitty albums as a child to earning his BFA in Musical Theatre to moving to Nashville in 2016 and playing on Broadway’s honkytonk scene, he has seen and done a lot throughout the confines of the music industry.  January 2022 became a milestone for Canaan, as his single “As You Leave” landed on some of the most prominent country music playlists on Spotify, including New Boots, Wild Country, Breakout Country, and Next From Nashville, among others.

In addition to the release of “Hate Me More”, Cox recently announced his second tour of the UK, which will kick off in June.  With a fresh and truly unique sound and vibe, Canaan is a new artist for us all to keep our eyes on, in country music and beyond.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)





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