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                                                                    ANDREW JANNAKOS

                                                              "Gettin' There" 

                                                              RCA Records Nashville





RCA Records Nashville recording artist Andrew Jannakos has released his latest single.  “Gettin’ There” is available everywhere now, and promises to add to the ever-growing notoriety of the Georgia native as a force to be reckoned with on the rising country singer-songwriter circuit.

Most notable and immediately apparent about Andrew’s latest track is the vocal delivery.  Ever since he first exploded onto the scene, first locally then regionally and now nationally, his vocal range, power, and talent took front and center.  That trend continues with “Gettin’ There”, which showcases the vocal prowess of its singer, which is something that is sometimes lost in modern country music releases.

The song, itself, discusses thoughts, feelings and emotions that accompany vulnerability, resiliency, tenacity, love and support.  It is one of those songs that can have an impact on us all while meaning something different to each one of us, depending on who we are, where we are, and what we are going through at a particular moment in our lives.  As has always been the case, that is the trademark of a great song:  the ability to appeal and apply to everyone, no matter their circumstance.

“Baby don’t give up on me

We both know that where I’m at ain’t where I’m gonna be

I been too far gone for too damn long

And Lord knows  that I’m running out of prayers

But I’m gettin’ there”

The tune serves as a follow up to the recently released “Heaven’s Like A Hometown”, which was praised by critics, media, and fellow artists alike (including Today’s Country Magazine!).

Growing up with a long list of diverse musical influences, Andrew garnered a huge influx of fans and followers during his appearance on season 16 of The Voice on NBC.  But it wasn’t until a year later, in July 2020, that a video of him cooking dinner while singing along to a song he wrote went viral and took his popularity to new heights.  The result was an unprecedented response of hundreds and thousands of likes, followed by the release of the song “Gone Too Soon”. 

The song hit #12 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart while earning him a #1 debut on the Emerging Artist chart.  To date, “Gone Too Soon” has garnered over 90 million on-demand streams. 

In the last few years, Jannakos has moved from his hometown in Georgia to Nashville, TN, achieved a massive hit song and signed a record deal with Sony Music Nashville / RCA Nashville.  With a strong team behind him and undeniable talent as a singer and songwriter, Andrew is well on his way to becoming a bright young star in country music.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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